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Lisa Tanner is a married mama who loves homeschooling her large family down on the family farm. She’s a professional parenting writer with a master's degree in elementary reading and literacy.

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Communication skills article

4 Unusual and Easy Car Games that Focus on Communication Skills

Build communication skills with these four car games for kids.

Benefits of stacking rocks article

5 Ways Kids Benefit from Stacking Rocks

Stacking rocks provides your child with a simple activity outdoors. It's also very beneficial!

Flying a kite article

5 Interesting Ways Your Child Benefits from Flying a Kite

Let's go fly a kite...

Inspire kids article

How to Inspire an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Your Kids

Entrepreneurial kids aren't born, they're taught. Here are some tips.

Spring writing time article

7 Family Writing Time Activities for Spring - Lisa Tanner Writing

Fun activities for family writing time.

Bubbles article

5 Simple Activities with Bubbles for Emerging Readers - Maggie's Milk

These bubble games are perfect for your beginning reader.

Shopping solo article

7 Tips for Shopping Solo with Kids

Shopping solo with kids? Me too! Here are some of my best tips.

Screen free sick kids article

6 Simple Screen-Free Activities to Engage Sick Kids

If you don't want your sick kids to just veg in front of the TV, here are six low-key, screen-free activities.

Encamped on the n. side wa state article

The Coastie Couple: 8 Free Adventures in Eastern Washington

If you're in Eastern Washington, check out these free adventures.

Toddler literacy article

6 Games to Build Toddler Literacy Skills

Help your toddler build a solid literacy foundation with these games and activities.

Sight word driving article

Sight Words Driving: An Active Reading Game

Don't let sight word practice be boring. Try this active reading game instead!

Waiting in line article

6 Games to Play While Waiting in Line

Waiting in line can be hard on kids (and adults!) Here are six fun games to help pass the time.

Family writing time article

Getting Started with Family Writing Time - Lisa Tanner Writing

Family writing time is an easy way to integrate time with your kids into your freelancing. Here's how to get started.

Staying active in winter article

5 Tips for Staying Active in the Winter - Maggie's Milk

Winter is slick and it's hard to exercise outside. Here are some tips for staying active indoors.

Pregnancy carpal tunnel article

Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel: Survival Guide for Writers - Lisa Tanner Writing

Are you dealing with pregnancy carpal tunnel while trying to freelance? Here are some survival tips.